Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth


WISDOM TEETH:  Is it wise to keep them?

One huge debate in dentistry is the removal of wisdom teeth.  By now in 2018, most adult patients have had their wisdom teeth removed.  Of course, there are many others who always ask “Do I have to remove them?  They aren’t bothering me.”  The majority of the time the final answer is YES!



Unless your wisdom teeth come in perfectly straight with room to bloom, they can wreak havoc in your mouth causing many problems.  If they are coming in sideways or angled, they are not going to be easy to maintain.  When they are impacted, which means they are trapped in your gums, you may end up enduring swelling, infection and pain.  Some other symptoms they may cause are stiffness in your jaw, damage to other teeth and roots around the area.  Most common issue is causing a food trap in between the wisdom tooth and the adjacent molar, causing a bacteria breeding ground. 



Your general dentist has the technology through a simple x-ray, (called a panorex) to review the state of your wisdom teeth.  At that time your dentist will recommend if it’s best to keep or part ways with your wisdom teeth.

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