Can Toothpaste do more harm than good?

Farmington Hills Dentist | Can Toothpaste Do More Harm Than Good?

The good ol’ toothpaste debate!  As you know everyone has their opinions on what toothpaste is good and which is bad.  Let’s break it down for you from a dental stand point.

  1. Fluoride:  Yes another good debate!  A fluoride toothpaste over time, can improve the strength of teeth but it does nothing in helping clean the teeth.  From a dental professional point of view, I know that the benefits of fluoride within your toothpaste by far outweighs the risks.
  2. Harsh particles:  The little micro particles that polish your teeth with in your toothpaste are hydrated silica.  Silica is the ingredient that whitens your teeth.  However, whitening toothpaste only cleans the surface.  Why not see your hygienist for a dental cleaning?


So why is it that toothpaste can be bad for you?  Well it is not the toothpaste that giving you the problem, it’s you.  The toothpaste is just the assistant enabling you.  First and foremost, the toothpaste is a cosmetic, it will not clean your teeth by itself.

Are you using too much?  The typical toothpaste ad shows you how to use up the tube quicker.  The amount of toothpaste you should be using should be about a pea size.  Too much foam in a toothpaste can also help you lose track of where you are brushing.

Did you brush for long enough?  The dentist does not recommend two minutes of brushing time for no reason.  Any less and I can guarantee you are missing spots.

Are you paying attention?  Your toothbrush needs to touch every cranny of your teeth.   It is the toothbrush abrasion that cleans your teeth and definitely not the cleaning product.  Like the grey mildew that grows around your shower, plaque does the same around your teeth.  You have to brush it off to get it off.

The simple solution is use whatever toothpaste you like.  If it makes your mouth feel clean and tastes good, you will brush more often and be healthier.

As always we thank you for being part of our practice family!