Holiday Treats that Can Lead to Ho-Ho-Holes in Your Teeth | Blog

During the holidays there tends to be an overabundance of everything-especially sweet goodies. Dr. Freij and Dr. Boogren encourages moderation to make sure you receive the gift of good oral health.

Below are five common treats to limit during the holiday:

  1. Candy Canes: The problem with eating candy canes is the prolonged amount of time it slowly dissolves in your mouth. Of course the temptation to chomp them does not help either as it can lead to cracks or chips in your teeth.
  2. Christmas Cookies: Although it is tempting to overindulge in the abundance of baked goods, cookies are full of sugar and can really damage your pearly whites. Enjoy them in moderation.
  3. Holiday Beverages (like eggnog, apple cider and hot chocolate): Eggnog carries over 20 grams of sugar per cup, while apple cider boasts over 65 grams of sugar when paired up with caramel sauce and whipped cream. Having one small glass of your favorite drink, washed away with a glass of water is your best option.
  4. Caramels & Gumdrops: Eek, Chewy sticky goodies such as homemade caramels are very damaging because not only are they high in sugar, but they spend a long time stuck in the teeth and are very difficult for saliva to break down.
  5. Fruitcake: Yes even the fruitcake which is not only the butt of many holiday jokes but some people actually eat the cake that gets passed around. The sugary cake base and the candied, chewy fruit that stud in it.


As you indulge your holiday sweet tooth, its best to enjoy the yummy goodies as part of or right after your meal. Snacking throughout the day can be very harmful to your oral health. Always remember that when enjoying a holiday goodie or beverage, swishing with a glass of water afterwards it your best option, if you do not have an opportunity to brush afterwards.

As always, thank you for being part of our practice family!