The Real Truth About Dental X-Rays

Top Rated Dentist Dr Boogren | March/April Blog
Ah, the constant concern about dental x-rays.  Are they safe?  Do I have to have them?

Well the answer is yes and yes.  Dental x-rays, whether used the conventional way or digitally are the only means to diagnosing a problem or perhaps stopping a problem before it becomes painful.

Many patients are very concerned about the radiation they receive from dental x-rays.  Without researching the exposure rate, they automatically assume that it is very high.  Digital dental x-rays are measured in millirems (mrem).  Your body is exposed to 0.1 mrem per single bitewing x-ray.  Meaning your annual yearly x-rays expose you to about 0.6 mrem.

Now, let’s compare this to what an average person receives on a yearly basis from man-made and natural sources.  On the average an individual receives about 620 mrem annually.

Just an airplane flight alone exposes you to 5 mrem.  A full year of breathing alone on planet earth exposes you to 228 mrem from the radon in the air.  Food and water (from radioactive trace elements) gives you another additional 40 mrem.  The list goes on and on.  Needless to say, the annual exposure you receive from dental x-rays is almost nothing when you compare your every year exposures to just normal life.

Now that you have the down low on the exposure rate, you can relax and feel comfortable knowing that your dental provider or dental hygienist are there for you!  Your dental office main concern is to give you the care that you deserve, so that you can have a healthy mouth for life.

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