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Stop Ignoring Your Dry Mouth! | Blog | Jeffrey B. Boogren DDS | Farmington Hills, MI 48334
If you currently suffer from dry mouth do more than just sip water. Dry mouth can lead to other issues you may be unaware of like:
  • Ongoing bad breath
  • Cavities
  • Mouth infections

Dry mouth is a condition which occurs when the amount of saliva in your mouth is reduced. Your saliva has proteins and enzymes in it and is essential for lubricating your mouth, also keeping it healthy. It helps flush away bacteria, reduces bad breath and prevents infections. When your mouth is not moist enough bacteria and food can stick to your teeth causing a buildup of plaque. This increases your changes of cavities, bad breath, gum disease and other oral problems.

What causes dry mouth and how do I know if I have it? These are a few questions you may need to answer to confirm that you’re suffering from dry mouth. Conditions such as cancer, depression and diabetes are affiliated with dry mouth. Medications however are the number one cause of it, including prescription and non-prescription. Most patients do not even realize they suffer from dry mouth until their saliva is reduced by 50%. At this time oral conditions may have already set in. 

Sipping water simply is not enough! It just is not enough to lubricate and protect your mouth the way saliva does. Your dental office has access to a product called Biotene. It has a protein enzyme formula, and offers products in 3 areas you need to manage your dry mouth symptoms. Contact your dental office for more information.


Other things you can do to ease your dry mouth symptoms are:

  • Drink small regular sips of cold, unsweetened drinks
  • Avoid things that dry the mouth, like hard dry crunchy food
  • Dunk dry or crispy food into liquids to make them softer
  • Increase the moisture in your foods, add broth, soup, gravy, cream, yogurt etc.
  • Make sure to steam your vegetables to soften them up
  • Take sips of liquid while eating your foods


If you are experiencing dry mouth, see your dental professional for regular check up to monitor ongoing oral problems.  With an early diagnosis and ongoing homecare management, you can avoid some of its damaging effects.


As always we thank you for being part of our practice family!