Self Help Tips for Cracked or Broken Teeth | Blog

If you break a tooth, call an emergency dentist right away!  While every situation can range in severity including a chipped tooth or a completely knocked out tooth, any dental trauma needs immediate attention. Before you are able to see a dentist, follow the below self-care tips:

  • Save any broken pieces. If it is a clean break your dentist may be able to temporarily cement back together the broken tooth. If you can place the broken pieces or a knocked out tooth in a container with a little bit of milk or saline.
  •  Rinse broken fragments in warm water. If your tooth is completely knocked out, hold it by the top and rinse it with water. Do not touch the roots of the tooth or try to scrape off anything from the tooth.
  • Use some first aid basics. If the area is bleeding, rinse your mouth with water. Place a piece of tissue or gauze into the area and bite down on it. A cold compress with help with any pain or swelling.
  • Call the dentist right away. If your tooth is completely knocked out there is a 30 minute window in which it can be effectively reattached. After a 24 hour period that chance decreases significantly.

As always, thank you for being part of our practice family! Have a Great Day!