Proper Brushing Technique

Has your dental provider ever given you proper tooth brushing instruction?  If you say no to that question, you are not alone.  Many of our patients tell us that never in their life has anyone ever given these instructions.  Proper brushing is crucial for cleaning your gums and teeth efficiently. The 5 steps listed below will whip your brushing technique into shape.

The very first step would be to choose the right toothbrush. Always use a soft, nylon brush with round ended bristles that will not irritate, scratch or damage the gums.

1.  Place the brushes bristles along the gum line at a 45-degree angle. The bristles should meet both the gum line and the tooth.

2. Softly brush the outer tooth surface, including 2-3 teeth, with a back & forth rolling motion. This rolling motion is making done by making sure your starting up at the gum line and is rolling down toward the chewing surface. Move the brush to the next couple of teeth and repeat until all outer surfaces have been cleaned.

3. While maintain a 45-degree angle continue softly using the rolling method to brush the inner tooth surfaces.

4. Angle brush vertically (straight up) behind the front teeth. Use several strokes going up & down using only the front half of your brush.

5. Last is to conquer the chewing surfaces. Gently scrub the chewing surfaces in a back & forth motion. Don’t forget to brush the tongue from back to front to remove the odor producing bacteria.

Dr. Boogren | Superior Family Dental | Dental Blog

Always remember to replace your brush every 3 – 4 months!


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