A straw for additional oral hygiene protection??? | Blog

Straws can help decrease exposure

Beverages like sports drinks, energy drinks, coffee, juice and soda all contribute to tooth decay and staining. Sipping through a straw can play a small part in protecting your teeth.


Heavily pigmented beverages such as red wine, dark cola, berry smoothies, coffee and tea can stain teeth. Using a straw while enjoying some of your favorite beverages can help.


Your drinking habits can be openly obvious just by simply looking into your mouth. Some people see a lot of decay on the back molars due to swishing and allowing soda to pool in your mouth before swallowing. Others who sip on soda right through the day, decay could be more visible on their front teeth. Straws can help, if they are positioned the proper way in your mouth.


Minimizing the opportunities for acid and sugar to attack your enamel will help protect it against tooth sensitivity caused by decay and erosion. Straws can also help reduce sensitivity caused by hot and cold drinks.

Do you have your straw positioned properly?

  • Position your straw at the back of your mouth so that your drinks will have limited exposure to your teeth.
  • Do not swish your beverages around in your mouth
  • Do not continuously sip on sugary or acidic drinks throughout the day
  • Always follow your drinks up with water, sugarless gum, or celery.


Do Not Rely On A Straw To Do All The Work! 

Even fun straws do not do all the heavy lifting… Keeping good oral hygiene will be the main ingredient in keeping your gums and teeth healthy for life.  Brushing twice daily and flossing once daily is the key. Visiting your dental office twice a year for a professional cleaning is the icing on the cake!

As always thank you so much for being part of our practice family!