Opalescence Go Take Home Whitening

Opalescence Go take home whitening is a professional whitening treatment that is so effective it is only sold in the dental office.  The product is already prefilled into UltraFit disposable trays so that using the product is very easy.  If you are looking at whitening your teeth, without having to sit in the dental chair to do so, Opalescence Go take home whitening is for you.

What is the difference between Opalescence Go and over the counter whitening products?

Other over the counter whitening products will lighten your teeth, but for optimal results you want to choose a professional product.  A professional product uses a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide gel that is only available through your dental office.  Opalescence Go trays are different than most professional treatments because they are cost affordable plus they are effective. 

Wondering if you are a good candidate?  Just ask your dentist if this is a good whitening option for you.  As an industry leader for over 25 years, Opalescence whitening can give you that brighter, whiter smile you’ve always wanted in 10 days or less, with minimal sensitivity. 

Whiten Your Smile Today!

Why wait any longer?  Ask your dentist today about Opalescence whitening treatments. 


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