History of Oral Health | Blog

Today I was browsing the internet and thought I would share some tidbits I came across on the history of oral health. It’s amazing to see the progression of where dentistry is today from where it used to be. I hope you’ll enjoy this information as much as I have.

1530: The first book ever entirely devoted to dentistry is published. (The little medicinal book for all kinds of diseases and Infirmities of the teeth)

1728: Pierre Fauchard (the father of modern dentistry) describes restorative techniques, oral anatomy, and denture construction

1776: One the first cases of dental forensics comes to surface: a man identifies his friend by the bridge he had constructed for him.

1790: The first chair is assembled made especially for dental patients.

1815: Modern dental floss is created and New Orleans dentists are credited.

1839: The American Journal of Dental Science is published, first EVER!

1839: The world’s first dental school is opened- The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery

1875: George Green’s first electric dental drill is patented.

1896: First ever dental x-rays are taken of the teeth and jaws.

1905: A German chemist creates what is now known as Novocain.

1905: In the USA- Irene Newman becomes the first ever hygienist who promotes oral health for kids.

1949: A chemist in Switzerland develops the first method of bonding acrylic resin to dentin.

1951: FDI passes first resolution backing up fluoride for decay control.

1954: Switzerland manufactures the first electrical toothbrush

1960s: The first time four handed “sit down” dentistry becomes common

1980s: The first techniques are developed of dental implantology

1989: The first at home whitening product is commercially manufactured and marketed.

1990s: The era of aesthetic dentistry emerges.

As the Centuries carry on we learn more and more about dentistry and new techniques are continuing to evolve.  Superior Family Dental will always be incorporating new and improved technology as the years continue on!

As always, Thank You for being part of our practice family!