Healthy Teeth All Summer Long

Yes parents, it’s almost here! With summer creeping up right around the corner, it’s important to implement some summertime tooth tips into your everyday fun. At times, we as parents tend to be more laxed when summer arrives simply due to the fact that it’s SUMMER, but maintaining a healthy mouth for years to come is very important. Here are a few tidbits to help get you in the groove for that upcoming summer dental routine madness.

First one which may be one of the most important would be to always use Goggles during swimming. Keeping your eyes closed may be important to the health of your eyes, but may be very harmful to your mouth if you run into the side or the bottom of the pool. So, please always remember the goggles while you or your child swims.

Second tip would be to avoid the sticky gummy vitamins along with the dreadful fruit snacks. These sticky items once chewed up get stuck right into the grooves of your teeth. If not brushed out right after the snack they could linger around inside the grooves all day, causing cavities.

Third tip, be cautious of all those fun summer time activities like inline skating, skateboarding and biking. Yes, they all offer great exercise for all of us but one fall forward could cause major damage to your mouth.    

Fourth would be to always find the time to BRUSH at night time. Many children return to the practice after summer break with dental problems. During the school year, we tend to keep regular routines including brushing twice a day, but then when summer comes along kids fall off the routine band wagon. 

Just remember that everything you consume throughout the day stays on the teeth until it is brushed off. So, if you do not implement an evening brushing routine the food and bacteria will continue to eat away at your teeth causing many problems in the future.

As always, we appreciate you being part of our practice family!