Choosing The Best Dental Floss For You | Blog

Despite all the floss products available in the stores, making a choice does not need to be difficult. You may be new to flossing or maybe you want to recommit to making flossing a part of your daily oral care routine. Just remember that the most crucial point in choosing dental floss is choosing the best floss that you will use on a daily basis. Both the electric flosser and standard dental floss are both equally effective. After 30 days patients whom floss on a daily basis have significantly less plaque on their teeth.

Electric Flossers

Many people can benefit from using an electric flosser. Older adults can have trouble manipulating the floss around their fingers making the electric flosser ideal. Teenagers may also benefit from the electric flosser because they find them fun.

Tips on Choosing the Best Floss

If you are uncertain about which floss is the best for you, ask your dentist or dental hygienist for some advice. Below are some tips that could be useful in your decision:

  • Do you have big gaps/spaces between your teeth? Dental Tape or Super Floss would be ideal for you.
  • Do you have very little spaces between your teeth? Waxed floss is much easier to slide into those tight spaces.
  • Do you want less mess while flossing? Look for disposable flossers.
  • Do you have braces or bridges? Spongy Floss would be ideal for you, but if you wear dental appliances any floss would be good if you have a floss threader.
  • Keeping basic dental floss on hand that everyone in the house can you use is also ideal. Try Oral-B’s essential floss.

Just remember when it comes to dental floss, flossing on a daily basis is the best decision you and your family can make!

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