6 of the Worst Habits for Your Teeth!

Do you have one of these habits? If so you could be causing some real harm to your teeth. Many people have at least one of these habits but are unaware of the damage they cause to their teeth.


  1. Nail Biting: Typically a nervous habit can chip your teeth and can impact your jaw. Having your jaw in a protruding position for long periods of time can bring pressure to it, which associates with jaw dysfunction. Many solutions can help beat the habit including bitter nail polishes, stress reduction and placing small realistic goals in your life. When stressful situations arise holding onto something can help keep your fingers busy.
  2. Brushing aggressively: Brushing too hard or with a hard toothbrush can damage your teeth and cause irritation to your gums. A good solution to this habit would be to use a soft toothbrush. Don’t think SCRUB! Think MASSAGE!
  3. Clenching and Grinding: Excessive clenching and grinding can cause cracking and chipping of the teeth. Another symptom may be joint pain or muscle tenderness when you open your mouth or chew. A few good solutions for this habit are relaxation exercises or using a night guard during sleeping. See your dentist for the different options available for a night guard.
  4. Chewing on Ice Cubes: Ice is a crystal your tooth enamel is also a crystal. When you apply one against the other one of them will break. Most times it’s the ice but a weakened tooth or a filling could also break. A good solution for this habit is to use a straw so you are not tempted to chomp on the ice cubes.
  5. Constant Munching: Snacking all day especially on foods or drinks high in sugar puts you at a greater risk for cavities. When you eat, the bacteria feast on the leftover food which produces an acid that strikes the outer shield of your teeth. Two good solutions for this habit are to eat balanced meals so you can feel full longer. Snacking is ok if its low in sugar and fat. One great habit to start would be to follow your treats with a big glass of water to wash away the leftover foods.
  6. Teeth are not Tools: Your teeth are not tools; they were made to eat. Using them to rip something open or to hold an object while your hands are busy is not ideal. You put your teeth at risk of breaking. Solution for this is to stop and find a different way to handle your task! Your teeth and mouth will Thank You!


As always we thank you for being part of our practice family!